Friday, April 2, 2010

भारतात World Famous

आजच (02 April 2010) Pune-Today मध्ये एक लेख वाचला. "चिऊ ताईला मारून पिकांचे रक्षण ?" ... त्याच्याच खाली छापलंय की " चिमण्यांचे अस्तित्व धोक्यात, शेतकऱ्यांमध्ये जनजागृतीची गरज". (

"शेतकऱ्यांमध्ये जनजागृती" ....  म्हणजे ? भारतात World Famous ?
नुसतं "शेतकऱ्यांमध्ये जागृती" च योग्य आहे ना ? (किंवा माझं मराठी कमी पडतंय बहुतेक ... असू शकेल ...)
खरंतर अपेक्षित नाहीये, असो. "चालतंचालतं". 

Bocket Pottoms

T'was a beautiful summer morning, The dew was getting ready for a shower in sunlight. X (yes his name was X) was standing there staring open-mouthed at the crown of a tree. Then he realized that there was this risk of bird-droppings and started staring at the trunk instead. So he intended. The trunk's view was blocked by some sort of fence around it by some self-proclaimed tree-savers. His attention turned to the roots above ground that appeared to come out of the monotree-fence, like feet out of trousers. His hands were in his trousers' pockets. And then something pulled. Pulled the bottom of his pockets. No no it was not like half-eaten sharp edgy fingernails getting entangled when you try to take your hand out of your pockets. He was not taking his hands out after all. Something was tugging at the bottom of his pockets from inside. "What the 'ell !" he thought to himself (though he didn't really know English). Was it something he had done at night ? Was it hi-tech pickpocketry (or pickpocketree (but you don't know English !) ?) ? Was it trying to pull its pants down ?
Not really. The something-that-tugged by some mysterious coincidence was called Life (of course he didn't know) and was trying to reach for his hand.
Not knowing what to do when something pulls your pocketbottoms' outside from the inside of your trousers, he simply took his "handses out of his pocketses". And that was simply what Life had really wanted to happen and so it strutted off triumphantly to its bathroom for a nice cool shower (just in time before the water supply was stopped for the day).