Thursday, November 26, 2009

Expect Except

I expect nothing from anybody, except one thing. That one thing is that they should not expect anything from me except the one thing I expect from them.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


There is nothing, absolutely nothing around. Neither space nor time. There is just me. There is nothing inside me. Now I am just conscious that I am. I now know that there is something inside me. It now seems there is everything around me. I am conscious of everything around me. When this consciousness is no more, there will be again nothing. Absolutely nothing, neither space, nor time. It will be just me.
Who is this me?

A LooFree World

I wish the process of separation of food into useful and waste didn't take place inside me. There should be a process where the food could be digested, outside the body. So humans will be eating just the useful part from food and this would get directly absorbed into the blood. The waste would have been in advance separated (and returned back to Earth may be). The human body evolves to let go of the separation and waste-removal process, just like it is supposed that we lost the tails we no longer began to need.
I wish there is a toilet-free world.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Move over Tony Stark, here's the real Ironman. Isn't he ?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shores of Infinity ...

Sitting on the boundless shores of Infinity, I called Her, with the only name She has, Infinity. She comes, riding on a cloud, as white as Her robes, and as fast as My thoughts. There are stars around, white-blue, scattered, all seven of them. And they are in a circlet on Her head. She talks, with Her sea-blue eyes, and with Her mouth, She sings songs, about Trees and the Sea-Waves, about the Tall Mountains, about a Green Field, in Springs. Sometimes She comes sitting on Raindrops, and invites Me to play with the Rainbow. But We generally sit on branches of Trees, and then go inside, through the Roots, deeper and deeper and come out on the top of some other Tree. Sometimes the roots lead Us to to womb of Mother Earth, back whence We came from, and there She sings songs of Creation and Destruction, of Time and his fickleness and the entangled Web He keeps spinning. However, we generally let Him pass, and He too never really has known that We are there.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Krutrim / आर्टिफ़िशिअल

Recently, I have read many Marathi posts, by Marathi bloggers/writers. There was usage of English words in them. While reading those words coming in context of Marathi words, I always feel something weird. I don't know if its my bias or something, but to me they sound artificial ( like the Marathi of Radio Jockeys). Now whether it is the "reading voice" in the head which makes it sound so or what, I don't know, it could be a reason. But, then I also found that English words written in English instead of Marathi script did not sound that way, they came with the flow. From this I feel that may be it is because of the way transliteration occurs. That is, Marathi is read as it is written, so 'actually' the English word being read is not being read as it should be in actual English (so it indeed is artificial). May be.
Similarly, Marathi words written in English, coming in an English sentence, may also sound artificial, do they ?... May be ...

What the Label !

This is about the meaning of label "awraagiri". The label is supposed to be sensed in the two ways,
  1. awraagiri (as in dadagiri).
  2. awraagiri - a mountain of 'awraa'.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


N - Just a new blog. Well nothing new actually. With a hope, that it is watered, for the sake of the water, lets sea.